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Tilly's Journal

Caution: Contains nonfunctional sharp points.

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80s animation, 90s animation, accidentally supergluing myself, akg k518le, all the ot3, allstar/party, alto/sheryl/ranka, androgyny, animation, annoying pedants with singular!they, anthropomorphising inanimate objects, autism, being easily amused, bit/liger zero, black lagoon, blake/luke, bryger, canon powershot s110, chewing on gender, chewing on pens, closed captioning, collecting art programs, comics, creative commons, deep space nine, dell studio 1535, digimon, disability, doctor who, ds lite, em dashes, fanfics, fanfiction, finding website layouts sexy, foobar2000, fotns, four/romana, fullmetal alchemist, g gundam, galaxy note 8, galaxy tab 7.0 plus, game boy color, gaogaigar, gedit, gender, gender-neutral pronouns, genderqueer, genetics, giant robots, gorhecks, greed/lanfan/ling, grouching about gender, gurren lagann, hatoful boyfriend, hd video, helic/rosa, helmut/sandra, hermann/karl, hiyoko/ryouta/sakuya, hokuto no ken, html/css, ian/barbara, illya/napoleon/everyone, interests nobody else likes, intuos4, japanese, kanji, ken/yuria/shin, kircheis/reinhard/annerose/hilde, kirk/spock/uhura, kirkland/chris, kreaturez, lady characters you hate, licking electronics, licking gender, linux, logh, losing my ds stylus, love-hate relationship with shounen, macross 7, macross frontier, mamoru/usagi/seiya, many things named "ginga", mecha, michiru/haruka, mlp: fim, monsters, music genres involving prog, naming my electronic equipment, neutrois, non-binary, not losing my s-pen, not quite 150 interests, not the first anime, noticing video compression artifacts, oberstein/fellner, obscure references, original fiction, painting mecha pink, pairings you don't like, pocketknives, point and shoot cameras, pokemon, queer, reboot, rei/mamiya, replaygain, reuenthal/mittermeyer/eva, riese/fiona, riese/fiona/lady!thomas, robot cats, rockbox, rolo/heller/celeste, romanizations fandom doesn't favor, roy/riza, sailor moon, sarah jane adventures, sarcasm, sennheiser px 100 ii, series with long names, silver fang, singular they, spiting autism-related stereotypes, spivak pronouns, spock/uhura, star trek, storch, subtitles, teaching swiftkey odd words, tegan/turlough, terrible pop music, the man from u.n.c.l.e., too many em dashes, too many pairings, too many robot cats, trans, translating, tuxpaint, unpopular characters, usb sticks, viral/yoko, wordpress, x-acto knives, zan/tita, zeekdobers ate my baby, zenebas' 80s hair, zoids, zoids battle story, zoids fuzors