Tilly (pointytilly) wrote,

I can type "diphenhydramine" but I keep trying to write "benadrly" on paper?

Aaand in case anyone wondered where I went the past few days, ragweed. Ragweed making my immune system decide EYEBALLS ARE THE ENEMY to the point of nonstop itchy death so bad I worried I'd scratch my corneas going at my eyes in my sleep, and like a thousand perpetually stuck eyelashes while awake. I had to resort to children's Benadryl (diphenhydramine, UK the Benadryl name is something else and you find diphenhydramine in sleep aids) to get a dose that didn't just knock me straight out but made the itching approaching tolerable, but even that made me strung out and weird and I'm still having issues remembering what day it is and I have several...pages...of semi-coherent jumbled notes to self to add to my to-do list and symptom lists and just. sigh.

it rained and I have some eyedrops so it's...a bit...more tolerable now but not much. yesterday I felt like a brick hit me in the face because I had the bright idea of dusting some things, figuring hey, I already had ot take antihistamines, might as well, how much worse can I get? Ha, ha. Hah.

Ragweed always makes me feel like I have the flu nonstop sans respiratory symptoms, but ATTACK THE EYEBALLS, THEY ARE CLEARLY THE ENEMY is a new one. Not a nice new one, more well, hey, now my dad and I can get into whose eyeballs look the most disgustingly bloodshot contests, and I have managed to end up with nearly every allergy/oversensitivity from BOTH SIDES OF THE FAMILY like I won the fail genetics lottery. You would think prednisone would do something here, but nope :p.

(Well, okay, it DID give me killer acne on my face. No, wait, that's not good—)

Also, I discovered I can get eyedrops into my eyes just fine if, instead of trying to fight my blink/flinch response (which ends in a lot of eyedrops wasted and a lot of flinching, then I get nervous and flinch more...), I balance them on a fingertip with the power of surface tension and poke myself (gently) in the eye. Well, if it works...
Tags: allergy adventures, can i trade my eyes for robot eyes yet?, hacking my body, hacking my brain, post more often tilly, ways my brain fails, why does my body's hardware hate me
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