Tilly (pointytilly) wrote,

I forgot I had this typed in LogJam

I understand why spambots are a thing, as much as I dislike them. And I get why they try the "mush together words and bits of other posts to try and make things look like actual language and get past spam filters" thing too.

But why, why would you have a spambot leave comments in what is at least partially Google Translate or other machine translated Japanese? Surely you could find a better source of actual Japanese text to make your fake comments from. For that matter, if you don't have any bot-programmers/spammers handy who can deal with Japanese well enough to at least make junk comments, why are you marketing things with a bunch of Japanese keywords in the name field...?

I was suspicious when I noticed some of them sounded all...Japanese crammed into Englishy. I mean, my grasp of Japanese is...not...very good, but I can still spot obvious things like unremoved swarms of 私は watashi wa where English speakers use I/me. And then I found one with the sentence "その非常によく書かれ;私はyouveは言うようになったものが大好きです。" Notice anything there, like, oh...the...English typo "youve" where some form of you could go in the Japanese? The semicolon, too...

I can allllmost reproduce it in Google Translate with "this is very well-written; I love what youve started to say", but it crams a ています on the 書かれ. hmm.
Tags: internets: spam, post more often tilly, thank you for sharing tilly, why did i spell that tag aaaaaants, wtf
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