Tilly (pointytilly) wrote,

let's see if this [share to Logjam within Android] works for posting a single image!

...it does if I don't leave a stray unclosed tag when editing it to be a smaller size/link to full. Oops. (edit again) Arrrgh, I FORGOT TO CLOSE IT AGAIN after fixing the missing tags. there. that should be better now.

[Tricolor shiba stares with overly intense eyes, demanding "give me my files"...in wobbly all-caps printing.]

I have forgotten that I drew this several times and then found its slightly unsettling staring self again, so enjoy a photo taken while I waited for Luke to stop being a butt (me, too many things open...?). I can't remember what was wonky at the time--possibly it was when I was trying to replace the hard drive. The first time it wouldn't show up as there, so I took Luke back apart, poked at/blew in the connector, tried again, and it worked, but it was tense for a bit. Tense like... this small staring dog is about files.

Tumblr tag-things: terrible tablet photography, though it actually tried to fix the paper color, so I had to try and edit it back to pale green, dear Android photo editors: can I please have actual levels and curves tools, not nothing or auto, pretty pretty please?, why does my hardware...hate...yeah I know why in this case, SORRY LUKE.
Tags: art, terrible tablet photography
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