Tilly (pointytilly) wrote,

oh joy

slept most of the day, woke up feeling dizzy and sick because the air conditioner has fallen over and my room has a giant west window (dear whoever put that there: I hate you, why, why would you put that there, it's like a greenhouse and I AM NOT A TROPICAL HOUSEPLANT). despite my attempts to cover that it's in the lower 90s Fahrenheit and rising in there, yayyyy--

I had bad heat tolerance to start, but my health lately has made that even more extra pathetic, so 90s is. really not good. can't move/think/do much of anything. so I am in the living room in front of a box fan. box fans are a wonderful invention. I like box fans.

if anyone needs to reach me urgently, kick my email? won't be very coherent for sure, though. I will try to get to other things I needed to reply to when it's...cool enough to...think.

(edit) My room is still toasty, but luckily the AC was the wires connecting it to the power or some such and thus fixable tonight rather than YOU MUST WAIT. I will not roast or lose HP each time I enter battle with wild Zoids, and I feel...somewhat less crap after ingesting a lot of water and salt. Well, mostly miso soup and cheese, but same difference. mmm. salt.
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