October 7th, 2015

liger zero flees

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If one were to do a modern retelling of Dante's Inferno, perhaps it could contain a circle where one would be given the task of applying a screen protector evenly and without visible fluff trapped underneath to an electronic device with a large screen while sitting in a dusty, dry, staticy room full of lightweight pieces of indeterminate fluff, and with the promise of salvation upon success--which would, of course, never come, even if one were given vain hope in the form of the stickytape trick.

The question is, what would it be punishment for? Being an asshole in comments sections yet trying to claim "lol I was just trolling/social experiment"...?

My old screen protector went wonky (tried to remove it to remove a fuzzy, and it and its adhesive parted ways...though it also had an annoyingly placed hole and needed replacing soon anyway), and I had...fun putting a new one on, can you tell?

Bonus fail, while reaching under my table-used-as-computer-desk to get said new screen protector, I leaned/sat backward and onto my Fire Fox, which had been propped at a weird angle on a blanket-slash-floordrobe hill for art reference and left there afterward...and despite the low amount of weight I actually put on it, I heard the brittle snap of Fail Gold Plastic doing its thing. The leg movey/anchoring side bit's snapped on one side now, in a brittle nasty way. Dammit. It'll probably glue okay and not be that visible, but I was proud of managing to not shatter any bits of mine yet, and pretty much sitting on it is such a pathetic way to do it! I've gotten so clumsy :/.