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Things I need to write someday

Making it a list and postdated, so that it HAUNTS ME until I write the things on it. It was originally a text file, but that's easier to ignore.

Someday I'll also add a master list to this to cover older fics pre-list, but my wordpress tags will have to do for now. They're partially sorted, so things like Series: Foo and Genre: Bar will all be together.

Neverending plotbunny list (plus links to finished items)

Now moved to Wordpress, since that's easier to edit and back up!
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Furfrou art linking to full size version

Furfrou in pink and blue, from a note to myself in Notepad+ that was meant to be things to find/get for the GTS. Instead, it became Furfrou. More failed to-do lists should become Furfrou.

(I really really like how the color layering/hard edge solid bits versus highlighter tool transparency turned out on this. I should try that more often.)
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If one were to do a modern retelling of Dante's Inferno, perhaps it could contain a circle where one would be given the task of applying a screen protector evenly and without visible fluff trapped underneath to an electronic device with a large screen while sitting in a dusty, dry, staticy room full of lightweight pieces of indeterminate fluff, and with the promise of salvation upon success--which would, of course, never come, even if one were given vain hope in the form of the stickytape trick.

The question is, what would it be punishment for? Being an asshole in comments sections yet trying to claim "lol I was just trolling/social experiment"...?

My old screen protector went wonky (tried to remove it to remove a fuzzy, and it and its adhesive parted ways...though it also had an annoyingly placed hole and needed replacing soon anyway), and I putting a new one on, can you tell?

Bonus fail, while reaching under my table-used-as-computer-desk to get said new screen protector, I leaned/sat backward and onto my Fire Fox, which had been propped at a weird angle on a blanket-slash-floordrobe hill for art reference and left there afterward...and despite the low amount of weight I actually put on it, I heard the brittle snap of Fail Gold Plastic doing its thing. The leg movey/anchoring side bit's snapped on one side now, in a brittle nasty way. Dammit. It'll probably glue okay and not be that visible, but I was proud of managing to not shatter any bits of mine yet, and pretty much sitting on it is such a pathetic way to do it! I've gotten so clumsy :/.
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I can type "diphenhydramine" but I keep trying to write "benadrly" on paper?

Aaand in case anyone wondered where I went the past few days, ragweed. Ragweed making my immune system decide EYEBALLS ARE THE ENEMY to the point of nonstop itchy death so bad I worried I'd scratch my corneas going at my eyes in my sleep, and like a thousand perpetually stuck eyelashes while awake. I had to resort to children's Benadryl (diphenhydramine, UK the Benadryl name is something else and you find diphenhydramine in sleep aids) to get a dose that didn't just knock me straight out but made the itching approaching tolerable, but even that made me strung out and weird and I'm still having issues remembering what day it is and I have several...pages...of semi-coherent jumbled notes to self to add to my to-do list and symptom lists and just. sigh.

it rained and I have some eyedrops so it's...a bit...more tolerable now but not much. yesterday I felt like a brick hit me in the face because I had the bright idea of dusting some things, figuring hey, I already had ot take antihistamines, might as well, how much worse can I get? Ha, ha. Hah.

Ragweed always makes me feel like I have the flu nonstop sans respiratory symptoms, but ATTACK THE EYEBALLS, THEY ARE CLEARLY THE ENEMY is a new one. Not a nice new one, more well, hey, now my dad and I can get into whose eyeballs look the most disgustingly bloodshot contests, and I have managed to end up with nearly every allergy/oversensitivity from BOTH SIDES OF THE FAMILY like I won the fail genetics lottery. You would think prednisone would do something here, but nope :p.

(Well, okay, it DID give me killer acne on my face. No, wait, that's not good—)

Also, I discovered I can get eyedrops into my eyes just fine if, instead of trying to fight my blink/flinch response (which ends in a lot of eyedrops wasted and a lot of flinching, then I get nervous and flinch more...), I balance them on a fingertip with the power of surface tension and poke myself (gently) in the eye. Well, if it works...
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I forgot I had this typed in LogJam

I understand why spambots are a thing, as much as I dislike them. And I get why they try the "mush together words and bits of other posts to try and make things look like actual language and get past spam filters" thing too.

But why, why would you have a spambot leave comments in what is at least partially Google Translate or other machine translated Japanese? Surely you could find a better source of actual Japanese text to make your fake comments from. For that matter, if you don't have any bot-programmers/spammers handy who can deal with Japanese well enough to at least make junk comments, why are you marketing things with a bunch of Japanese keywords in the name field...?

I was suspicious when I noticed some of them sounded all...Japanese crammed into Englishy. I mean, my grasp of Japanese is...not...very good, but I can still spot obvious things like unremoved swarms of 私は watashi wa where English speakers use I/me. And then I found one with the sentence "その非常によく書かれ;私はyouveは言うようになったものが大好きです。" Notice anything there, like, oh...the...English typo "youve" where some form of you could go in the Japanese? The semicolon, too...

I can allllmost reproduce it in Google Translate with "this is very well-written; I love what youve started to say", but it crams a ています on the 書かれ. hmm.
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let's see if this [share to Logjam within Android] works for posting a single image! does if I don't leave a stray unclosed tag when editing it to be a smaller size/link to full. Oops. (edit again) Arrrgh, I FORGOT TO CLOSE IT AGAIN after fixing the missing tags. there. that should be better now.

[Tricolor shiba stares with overly intense eyes, demanding "give me my files" wobbly all-caps printing.]

I have forgotten that I drew this several times and then found its slightly unsettling staring self again, so enjoy a photo taken while I waited for Luke to stop being a butt (me, too many things open...?). I can't remember what was wonky at the time--possibly it was when I was trying to replace the hard drive. The first time it wouldn't show up as there, so I took Luke back apart, poked at/blew in the connector, tried again, and it worked, but it was tense for a bit. Tense like... this small staring dog is about files.

Tumblr tag-things: terrible tablet photography, though it actually tried to fix the paper color, so I had to try and edit it back to pale green, dear Android photo editors: can I please have actual levels and curves tools, not nothing or auto, pretty pretty please?, why does my hardware...hate...yeah I know why in this case, SORRY LUKE.
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Arrrrgh, there's a huge chip in my glasses that's right over where my right eye has to look to read anything that, when it's night and the light is right, or when it's sunny, reflects so much it makes a huge blob in my vision that makes reading or doing anything...very disorienting. And also sometimes makes me feel like something is about to hit me in the eye.

Even better, it's because I nearly stabbed myself in the eye with tweezers because I'm uselessly clumsy because muscle fail/spasm issues etc, so I feel extra pathetic about it. Luckily my glasses were in the way of making my own eye scream, but now they have a chip in that keeps getting worse and I CAN'T SEE AT NIGHT without it making me feel ill. and I can't see or...function..during the day because it's so sunny it a) makes my vision pain and weirdness and b) makes me overall worse sometimes because photosensitivity.

and I've been tempted to try those online glasses places but I'm RIDICULOUSLY TEXTURE SENSITIVE to glasses frames so without being able to try them all on...egh. and with how I fall asleep/drop things without warning honestly I think I'd destroy plastic frames really fast—right now I have a slightly wobbly but still coherent titanium pair, that's the only thing I've had survive over a year that won't give me a rash either. and "lol just take care of them" doesn't help when I literally...can't...prevent suddenly dropping things or jolting/falling over? Like, myclonic jerks and what I'm...increasingly thinking is cataplexy, albeit with different triggers than is typical. And, of course, I can't ever get it to happen around a doctor, sigh. My GP would believe me but it's not much help for playing Is This Autoimmune Or What And If So Wtf Is It?? and getting a diagnosis on record more so future doctors believe me than anything else. My bets so far are on something in the ill-defined chronic fatigue blobs, though cataplexy and straight into REM sleep with a lot of the suddenly, sleepy moments are...apparently somewhat narcolepsy-suggestive from what I can find reading, as is dex being double-duty effective against it (in fact, dextroamphetamine is used to treat narcolepsy straight up, not just AD(H)D). Not just in not passing out, it counters some of the other weird stuff.

(So far the one specialist I was able to get to was a useless condescending ass, but that's a longer story for someday maybe :p.)

and I CAN'T BRAIN ANYTHING everything is fuzz I'm sorry

...if anyone knows where to find lightweight but high light resistance curtains/suitable fabric that'd be really long and you could get extra panels for a weirdass window for...yeah, help. can't be coated/treated/etc with anything flame-resistant, and most water resistant coatings are out too...if it's got a strong smell or outgasses, if I'm not ill within 5.2 seconds of opening it, my mom will be :p. Ridiculous chemical oversensitivities, etc. And if they're too heavy/clingy, one of the windows gets wet in winter no matter what I do because whoever built this house apparently wanted all future inhabitants of this room to hate them (it's a nonstandard size/huge and on the west side, making for summer greenhouse effect hell and then in winter the temperature fluctuation plus haha good luck finding a storm that seals well = condensation city on the inside) and it'll make a mold factory, sigh.
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I think I slept 17 hours. I still feel like I can't wake up. Ha, hah. Very funny, body.

Plus side, apparently my eyes are not imploding, and the glasses place had a small ratcheting screwdriver spare they let me have, so my current frames are no longer constantly falling off my face. My eyes still suck, but they suck consistently, rather than oh look the prednisone ate them or something. And later when I transfer them I'll have even more pictures of the insides of my eyeballs (really).
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oh joy

slept most of the day, woke up feeling dizzy and sick because the air conditioner has fallen over and my room has a giant west window (dear whoever put that there: I hate you, why, why would you put that there, it's like a greenhouse and I AM NOT A TROPICAL HOUSEPLANT). despite my attempts to cover that it's in the lower 90s Fahrenheit and rising in there, yayyyy--

I had bad heat tolerance to start, but my health lately has made that even more extra pathetic, so 90s is. really not good. can't move/think/do much of anything. so I am in the living room in front of a box fan. box fans are a wonderful invention. I like box fans.

if anyone needs to reach me urgently, kick my email? won't be very coherent for sure, though. I will try to get to other things I needed to reply to when it' enough to...think.

(edit) My room is still toasty, but luckily the AC was the wires connecting it to the power or some such and thus fixable tonight rather than YOU MUST WAIT. I will not roast or lose HP each time I enter battle with wild Zoids, and I feel...somewhat less crap after ingesting a lot of water and salt. Well, mostly miso soup and cheese, but same difference. mmm. salt.